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Street Slick: Rock Those Shorts!

  • SumoMe

When the weather’s too warm for a pair of  jeans and leaving the house leads up to us having a minor heat stroke, we can always turn to the alternative!

Imagine this – on one sunny morning, we prance around the room rejoicing that all is well because sitting there, nicely folded in the wardrobe, is a pair of comfy shorts! Ok, maybe not all of us are inclined to prancing but you get the drift.

Time to rock those shorts!

Christopher H., 22 year old Photography/ graphic design student from Savannah, GA

Ádám S., 23 year old guy from Szeged

Emma S., 16 year old Student from France

Ira G., 18 year old vampire ghost machine from Manila

Hye J., 17 year old fashion enthusiast and student from Everland

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