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Street Slick: Ripped, Dry or Washed Out

  • SumoMe

Dress down Fridays, casual Fridays, drinks-after-work-and-we’ll-rock-the-town- Fridays… FRIDAYS! Let me say that again. FRIDAY! Can you guess what’s the star street style today? Hint: an 80’s fashion trend.

Ulrich B., 20 year old Student / Model from Paris

Aimee S., 23 year old break dancer from Los Angeles & San Francisco, CA

Ellenice C., 22 year old girl from Liverpool

Andreas W., 17 year old Singer from Gothenburg

Liisa G., 14 year old photographer/student/blogger from Tallinn

Olivia L., 17 year old wild child full of grace from los angeles / orange county

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