Let Me Not See That Thong

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Tramontana restaurant in Darwin, Australia, has had enough of people flip-flopping in and so, has imposed a $10 “thongage” (“thongs” is the Australian name for flip-flops, not the type of underwear).

As the inhabitants of Australia’s most relaxed capital city, Darwin’s dwellers footwear of choice tend to be thongs, or flip-flops, to go along with shorts and singlets. Even some of the Northern Territory’s politicians are reportedly reluctant to wear a suit and tie in parliament.

But a restaurant in Darwin is fighting back against the unofficial dress code, charging a $10 “thongage” surcharge to patrons who wear flip-flops while they dine.

John Spellman, the manager of the Tramontana restaurant said he decided to charge people who wear thongs after a group of people from a local shoe shop came in for dinner wearing the offending footwear last week.

“I just had enough, I’ve spent 40 years asking people to wear bloody shoes,” Spellman, who even added a ‘thongage’ button to the restaurant’s cash register, told The Times.

“I’m sick of explaining to people how to dress so I figured if I just put a ‘thongage’ on the bill there’d be no complaints.”

The general dress code for Darwin, according to the Australian Tourism Export Council (ATEC), is “usually informal” due to the relaxed lifestyle of the city and the warm, tropical climate.

While Spellman insists he is only trying to put a bit of class back into Australia’s most laid-back city, this won’t be the first time he’s getting flak from the public. He caused quite a stir in Darwin earlier this year when he was unimpressed with a group of diners who had complained about their service, so he gave them $10 and told them to go to McDonald’s instead.

Thoughts? Is Mr Spellman an educator or an elitist and should “thongage” be imposed on the perpetually thonged Singaporeans too?

via Times Online

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