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Cry Baby

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The Crying Sumo competition at Sensoji Temple on April 25, 2010 in Tokyo, Japan is one where the first baby to cry wins the competition. The ceremony takes place in Japan to wish for the good health of the child as it is said that crying is good for the health of babies.

Lemme go, lemme go!

Now look what you did!

Sure, you've got the hair, but I'm going to own you with my cry.

Get this ugly yellow garland thing off me!

I guess I win because I look like a mini crying samsui woman. You? You're just cute.

Oh snap, I had no idea this was the person carrying me looked like you...

How come you're the one with the hair - and the calmness? That's unfair.

Please don't tell me this man birthed me.

Photos via Getty Images AsiaPac

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