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Street Slick: Umbrellas

  • SumoMe

The most understated fashion accessory has to be the Umbrella. We once thought we were too cool to carry one around but now we know otherwise.

Stop running in the rain, people! Stay dry and cool with a fabulous umbrella on a horrid, wet day and be free from bacteria and germs ( ugh, too much of those Dettol commercials).  If Mary Poppins could rock a chic umbrella and still get her job done, we can too.

Maedchen A., 21 year old student from Germany

Elin J., 19 year old blogger and day dreamer from Skåne

Pascal G., 50 year old Photographer / Blogger from Zurich

Fayna P., 24 year old Industrial Design student from Gran Canaria

Ben M., 28 year old Musician/Record Label Owner from Bristol

Eleonore B., 28 year old Designer from Paris

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