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Sony Cyber-shot® HX5V/B & bloggie™ CM5 & PM5

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By Penny V

Sony Cyber-shot® HX5V/B

I have been using Sony Cyber-shot® cameras since I was introduced to it about 8 years ago and I’ve been loyal ever since. Its functions and easy-to-use capabilities made for great shots and it has just been getting better ever since.

Sony’s latest Cyber-shot® Digital Camera HX5V/B is chock full of features that will ensure that your low-light shots (for all you clubbers) and action shots will be absolutely captivating. Did we mention full HD video quality?

The Cyber-shot® HX5V/B allows you to capture excellent 10.2 megapixel images and sweeping panoramic views that will be stitched right up for you.

The internal ‘Exmor R’ CMOS Sensor reduces image noise when you’re shooting in low light. Coupled with the Handheld Twilight function, which captures six images in a fraction of a second with one press of the shutter and combines the data from all six to create a single image with immense detail, your night shots will be sharper and cleaner even without a tripod.

Cam-whores everywhere can rejoice with the self-portrait timer. Using Face Detection technology, it triggers a 2-second timer before snapping your photos once it detects your lovely mug. No more terrible cut-off photos.

One of the loved functions for people who aren’t particularly photo savvy includes the Intelligent Auto (iAuto) mode, which automatically adjusts lighting and other camera setting to ensure clearer pictures, reduce red-eye and better skin tone.

Can’t remember where you took that kick-ass shot? Don’t worry about it. The HX5V/B has a built-in GPS and Compass that tags your location to each photo.

Oh yeah, we’re liking this Cyber-shot®. It’s available now in sleek Gold and Black.

bloggie™ CM5 & PM5

Get your YouTube moments on with Sony’s bloggie™. What is it exactly? It’s a video camera that captures images in High Defenition detail and allows you to capture clear 5 megapixel stills.

Definitely great for people on the go, the MHS-PM5 model has a unique 360 video feature that is just beyond amazing. Check out the video here to see how it’s all linked up after conversion.

Great for vlogging, parties, trips or just a day out to have some fun, you can capture images from any angle with its 270⁰ swivel lens, which is also an exclusive feature for the bloggie™ PM5 model. If you don’t need the fancy stuff, the MHS-CM5 model has a piston-grip design and a flip-out 2.5 inch LCD display and HDMI output.

Compact and stylish you can quickly upload your videos with its USB arm. Just insert it into your computer sans downloads or installation and you’re ready to upload anything to the world wide web. It now also supports Memory Stick™ and SDHC/SD memory cards.

Pretty much hassle free for some fantastic high-quality vids that you can upload to Facebook and Youtube in a flash, the MHS-PM5 is now available in violet, white, blue and pink, while the CM5 is currently only available in violet.

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