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Paper comes alive! They’re kids on ordinary days but Generals in a paper war. Created by Makaio Tisu, PapierKrieg illustrates how childlike frustrations transform regular stationery into something extraordinary.

Papierkrieg from Makaio Tisu on Vimeo.

The dialogue in English translated by k. lu.

Boy: My Airplane is the best one in the whole world. It even has a Jet engine!
Girl: Mine has a supercannon, which shoots fireballs!
Boy: Mine deflects them with a tennis racket.
Girl: Mine grills you with the flamethrower!
Boy: Nothing happened, it has indestructo-paint!
Girl: When my Army of Killer bees attack, what will you be laughing at?
Boy: But i got a bouquet
Girl: ?
Boy: … of carnivorous plants!
Girl: Acidic rain!
Boy: Protective Umbrella!
Girl: Gigantic shredder!
Boy: Soup spoon.
Girl: Shotgun!
Boy: Spider web.
Girl: Hammer!
Boy: Spider-bot!
Girl: Atomic Bomb!

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