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LUSHINGTON ENTERTAINMENTS is thrilled to announce MIKAa’s first major show in Singapore; performing to his legion of Singapore fans this 14th June at The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo. MIKA, (born Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr, the London-based, Grammy-nominated and BRIT Award-winning singer-songwriter was born in Beirut, Lebanon, the third of five children born to a Lebanese mother and an American father.

Classically trained, racially mixed and prone to theatrical physical gesture, he has become a scion of ambitiously delivered self-expression. He says his music can be condensed easily, ‘the basic principals are that it is joyful and empowering and doesn’t cowtow to fashion or convention,’ calling to mind an old and almost forgotten pop notion: individuality.

If his debut album ‘Life In Cartoon Motion’ was the brazen calling card of this individuality, then its follow up is the maturation of an unapologetic pop sound that he has made all his own.  ‘My biggest mindset when I set about making it was not to be reactive,’ he says, ‘I had to go back to the start, when people hadn’t given me their opinions on what it is that I naturally do.’ On first listen, there is only one word to describe the second installment of his kaleidoscopic pop dream. That word is ‘audacious’.

Mika opened his pop career with the defining single Grace Kelly. It has sold almost 3 million copies worldwide and was only the second British single to top the chart on downloads alone. His total single sales from Life In Cartoon Motion add up beyond six million. The album itself bagged over 5million till receipts. Mika was nominated for and won awards from the Brits, the Grammys, the Ivor Novellos, Capital Radio, Q magazine, The World Music Awards, BT and Vodaphone, Virgin Media and MTV’s Europe, Asia, Australia and Japan, amongst others. But the statistics only hint at the strident grip he boldly took on pop music when he entered its fray; they are the neat vindication that one of pop’s biggest outsiders could conquer from within.

‘The first album, to me,’ he continues, ‘was about childhood. It had that innocence. For this one we have moved on ten years and into the adolescent mind. Adolescence is one of the most glorious times in your life. It is when those life experiences, like sex, drugs and relationships, are still new and untainted. If I was to think about these things in song I knew that I had to become more personal.’ Mika has stepped aside from the character based storytelling of Life In Cartoon Motion for album number 2. ‘I still believe in mystery and I don’t feel like I have to justify anything about my life anymore. Because it is all in my songs. Songwriting for me is a way of catching up with myself.’

Part of the beauty of Mika has always been attempting to trace the correlation of his own personal insecurities or hang-ups into the choice of characters that he sings about. They often revel in or battle with their own difference, something he has done since he was a child. That outer layer has been replaced, but there is no lesser sense of grandeur or intrigue to the new, more open performer. A generic call to arms for people to throw a little glitter on their differences and celebrate them has been one of pop’s most tremendous gifts to music. Mika’s come with their own unique darkness this time, too, most notably on the charging melody of ‘Dr John’ and the unhinged dilemma at the centre of the brassily brilliant ‘Blame It On The Girls.’

In the process of making his second album, Mika has unleashed something in himself by letting go of something of himself. ‘I feel liberated. I’ve gone to the next place. I needed to do that and I have conquered a process which will help in terms of the third and fourth records. I have finally come to terms with the fact that my little bedroom records aren’t bedroom records any more and that I’m a songwriter.’

And a brilliant, brave pop star, to boot.

2010 see his returns to the recording scene with the new single “Kick Ass” from the same titled movie (OST release date March 29th).  Watch out for more from this star in the very near future!

We look forward to giving Mika a warm welcome to Singapore in June. Singapore tickets are priced at $118 (standing), $118, $98 and $78 (seated) and will go on sale via all SISTIC outlets and www.sistic.com.sg

Singapore public sale will be on Friday, 26th March 2010.

MIKA – Live in Singapore

Date                       :         14th June 2010

Venue                     :         The MAX Pavilion @ Singapore Expo

Time                      :         8.00pm

Tickets                    :         Standing $118, Seated: $78, $98, $118 from SISTIC Outlets, plus S$3 SISTIC fee

Public Sales Date       :         26th March 2010

Bookings Hotline        :         (+65) 6348 5555

Web bookings           :         www.sistic.com.sg

Enquiries & Corporate Bookings    :         (+65) 6731 4983

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