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Laugh of the Day: Songs about Phones

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We’ve all watched Lady Gaga’s latest hit music video, Telephone, which has made history by being one of the most watched with almost one billion online views. We’ve even read about the hidden symbolism behind the 9-minute theatrical production, but today to pull you out of your Monday funk, we are providing you with a satricial version of Lady Gaga’s hit song by the funny people over at Key of Awesome.

Oh yeah, you know it’ll be good, best of all this Laugh of the Day was submitted by Penny-reader, Nicholas C., from Singapore! If you have something you want to submit to us to feature on good ol’ Penny’s Daybook, hit us with an e-mail or follow us over a @PennysDaybook and send us a tweet! You can also interact with us over on our Facebook page: tell us what you like and what you don’t, send us links, photos and talk to us, because we sure do like talking to you!

Beyonce is going to do this video whether she likes it or not: It’s Lady Gaga’s way or the highway.


featuring Lauren Francesca as Lady Gaga
Echoe Malone as Beyonce
also featuring and written by Mark Douglas
Directed by Tom Small

Gaga vocals by: Anastasia Douglas
Beyonce vocals by: Carolyn Castiglia

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