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Land of Chocolate

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Next to diamond’s, concealer and those pair of jeans that enhance all the right places, chocolate is definitely a girl’s best friend.

In Beijing, a new Willy Wonka-esque chocolate theme park opened late January this year and is situated on the Olympic Green, near the Bird’s Nest Stadium.

World Chocolate Wonderland uses 70,000 kg of Belgium chocolate and features exhibits such as the Great well and China’s famous terracotta soldiers – completely made out of chocolate

Sherry Wung one of the organisers of the theme parks explains the impetus behind the theme park:

“We think of chocolate as a 3000 year-old part of Western culture, we want to bring it here…Beijing is welcoming to every cultural difference. We just want to use the Western chocolate culture to create a Chinese symbol. We want to meld it in.”

It may look like a normal museum, but everything in it – including this Ming Dynasty porcelain – is made of chocolate

China’s famous terracotta army, made of chocolate

A dragon robe made of chocolate

Louis Vuitton handbags made of (you guessed it) chocolate

Pictures courtesy of Telegraph

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