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Come Away with Nancy

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Need to get away from reality for a bit? You might want to consider taking a break with Nancy Zhang’s illustrations. Nancy is a concept illustrator from Tianjin, China who’s presently doing her thing in Berlin, Germany. From one end of the globe to the other, Nancy’s creating a world of her own as she combines her two loves – expressive fashion and sweet illustrations, on to one canvas.

By Penny C

4 ShotsWhile illustrators are inspired to draw, others draw inspiration from the illustrations. It takes an immense measure of individuality and creative to sculpt reality into something so dreamlike and Nancy does it with little effort. As this gifted illustrator gets inspired by all that’s around her, she invites you into her vivid world of playful charm and vintage chic with her illustrations.

With a mind filled with love for old world goodness and a penchant for new world fashion and music, we wouldn’t want Nancy do to it another way. Curiouser and curiouser…Penny gets to know this talented artist a little better!

Hi Nancy! Why the move to Berlin and how has the experience living overseas influenced your work and outlook on life?

I moved because I got an animation artist job in Berlin. Working overseas made me grow up a lot and become stronger.

What’s your favourite thing to draw?


Secret Love

The Lady


Romantic, cute, sweet stuff are my favourite ;) Especially beautiful girls.

What gets you in the mood to illustrate?

I am not sure. I think anything could inspire me in this world.

What do you wish people to feel when they see your illustrations?

I hope my illustrations could make everyone feel happy.

You style on is extremely charming and unique! What do you love most about fashion?

Fashion illustration

Fashion illustration

Fashion illustration

Vintage stuff! I love it most!

Describe to us a day in the life of Nancy Zhang.

Fashion illustration

Normally, I would go to the company and work in the morning and then back to home continue working on my stuff. It is quite a simple life. Also, I would like go to some event, gallery, cinema, concert over the weekend.

What’s one thing everyone MUST know about you?

My illustrations! Ha!

What’s the best and worst thing about what you’re doing now?

The best thing is that I am preparing my art book! The worst thing is that I still have to do a lot of things I don’t want to.

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

Never be lazy.

What should young, hopeful illustrators do to get their work out there?

Prepare as much of your portfolio as possible.

Where else can we see more of your stuff?

You can see more on my blogs –  xiaoxizhang, nancy at cghub & nancy0039 at deviantart.

Imaging this – if one of your illustrations were a permanent portal to a magical wonderland, which would it be and why?

One of my works called “Mew Mew Kindergarten” ( 喵喵幼稚园) I love cats! I would like to visit a place just like cat’s wonderland!

Nancy gives us a peek into her closet! And you’d think the creative ones can’t get anymore different.

Penny wants to know more…..

Can’t get enough of Nancy? Check out some of her illustrations in our gallery, be wowed by her blog , nancy at cghub & nancy0039 at deviantart and follow her on twitter! From Penny to Nancy, we wish you success in everything and keep on loving, learning and lending the world your special piece of magic!

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