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Some people blog with this certain philosophy made famous by the Bee Gees – It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away. But with Code Organ, that’s not the case anymore.

Your site not only has to look good, it’s got to sound good too. Code Organ gives it an online genre as it decodes your site and translates it into music.

The Codeorgan analyes the ‘body’ content of any web page and translates that content into music. The Codeorgan uses a complex algorithm to define the key, synch style and drum pattern most appropriate to the page content.

Firstly, the Code Organ scans the page contents and removes all characters not found in the musical scale (A to G), and then analyses the remaining characters to find the most commonly used “note”. If this is an even number the page is translated to the major pentatonic scale of that particular note, it becomes minor if there is an uneven number. – Code Organ

If anyone asks what’s your style, point them to Code Organ. Give it a go and hear the genre of your online persona.

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