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500 Coloured Pencils

  • SumoMe

They say it best – There’s no gift in the world quite like 500 Colored Pencils. Encourage a young artist, surprise a child, thank a mentor or inspire a creative soul with a gift they can hold in their hands, and heart. – Social Designer, 500 Colored Pencils.

500 Colored Pencils inspires a person one month at a time in their own unique way. Once you place a subscription, they will send you 25 pencils a month over the course of 20 months. Bring back your memories of days gone by and recall how colours brought imagery to life on paper. Not many will see this as an exceptional gift and it’s their loss. Knowing that each month you’ll be expecting a very sweet and simple gift makes the days a lot more kaleidoscopic.

The most amazing thing is that all 500 colours have their own names like Bright Susan, Tragedy, Sea Captain, Tomatillo, Tea With Milk……………..

Though not from the site, the picture below deserves some chuckles. Tee hee!

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