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10 Ways to Stay Youthful

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All right, there’s no need to repeat what has been said countless of times. We all know that to stay youthful and healthy, we’ve got to eat and drink well. But can we stop looking at our plates now? How do we go out there and LIVE well once we leave the dining table?  We need to be aware of the other important lifestyle decisions to keep our sanity, health and youth. We can’t stop aging so we’re left with the option of doing it gracefully.

Penny C gathers.

1. Take Walks

Get out of your house and breathe. Taking strolls around your neighbourhood helps sort out the thoughts in your mind and lets you visualise your dilemmas. Whether you’re taking short walks around the park or quick visits to convenience marts, keep the mobile phones and music at home. Tune out of technology and into the stillness of nature and the liveliness of traffic. Listen to the chatter and open your eyes. Restore the sanity in your life by walking.


“Your sense of humor is one of the most powerful tools you have to make certain that your daily mood and emotional state support good health.” ~ Paul E. McGhee, Ph.D. Another way of keeping the doctor away and staying youthful is by laughing. Laughter boosts your immune system, keeps things in a humourous, less threatening perspective and produces feel good bugs aka endorphins that bring your body back into balance. Best of all, emotions are mutually exclusive; the only thing you can experience while laughing is joy.  So laugh often, long and loud!

3. Not Guilty

No crying over spilt milk. Ok, give yourself five minutes at the most. Know it, learn from it, and don’t do it again. Guilt trips manipulate us into thinking that we’re not worth it when in actual fact; these little perfect imperfections are what make us human. Guilt robs you of satisfaction and honesty and replaces them with worry and misery. Trips like these are unnecessary. Staying clear of people who are subtly but insistently knocking us over with words that make us question our abilities is one way avoiding these integrity attacks. Hence, point 4.

4. Keep Caring and Cheerful Friends Close

Laugh, and the whole world laughs with you! For some, your friends ARE your world. These are people don’t bring you down; they care and these are friends who celebrate with you. The depressive ones do otherwise. Take your pick – bro codes or sisterhood, these are the ones you have mutual conversations with and promise to stick by each other. It’s a horrid thing when you confide in a friend and that person suddenly goes, “Sucks to be you,” Not cool. The inner sanctum should be loaded with trust and laced with rubbish but funny jokes about last night’s talent show on TV. A group that laughs together stays young together.

5. Surround Yourself with Things You Love

Your home is your refuge so fill it with things you love. Surround yourself with a truckload of stuff that constantly reminds you of the beauty of living. Keepsakes, music, pets, DVDs, photographs, hobbies, picture books….take what represents you and make it physical. Don’t just keep colours to a minimum just because you think you’re too old for them. The results of being young at heart will be evident on your face.

6. Keep Learning

School doesn’t stop at all. Occupy yourself! Keep on being passionately curious and don’t stop asking questions. Active learning is knowledge to the brain and supplement to the soul. Make time to:

  • Read
  • Do crossword puzzles
  • Complete word searches
  • Watch good documentaries
  • Sight see
  • Have conversations with people
  • Keep a journal
  • Start a scrapbook

7. Good Tears

Crying is the soldier who struggles in warfare for the sake of peace. Just like how when we cry, all we feel is chaos. But after the tears, the mess of emotions in our hearts and minds is untangled and we’re finally in a rational state to make decisions. Crying lifts your mood and rids your body of negative emotions. Next time you meet with frustration or sorrow, close your eyes and let the tears clear out your heart.

8. Celebrate Victories

Scored a job? Have a celebratory drink with friends! Completed an informal project? Shop! Big or small, achievements are never insignificant (though we think that they appear to be). Don’t overlook your contributions; acknowledge them because everyone deserves a pat on the back when something’s done well.  It’s one of the easiest ways to enhance that natural glow on your face – feeling good about yourself.

9. Chill

Worrying about your finances, thinking you’re not tall enough or constantly checking out how much you weigh brings the rain to your parade. You need to understand magic word – Chill! For the stuff you can control, plan wisely and don’t over think it. For the stuff you can’t control, let it be. Don’t worry about numbers, they don’t define who you are.

10. Reminisce

Psychiatrists use this as a therapy to help the troubled overcome obstacles. “Talking about the past made them happier. It took them away from their present situation,” says Juliette Shellman, an assistant professor of nursing, when she talks with elderly patients. Amid its bittersweet nature, pull out the positive nostalgic as the antidote for feeling blue. Reminiscing restores meaning in life when you think you’ve lost it and strengthens social relationships.  Keep the clouds away and smile at your memories; don’t let them be your downfall.

Now you know the secrets. Go on and gather all that we’ve shared and create your reservoir of thoughts and trinkets for your unique elixir of youth!

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