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Street Slick: Stock(ings) Take

  • SumoMe

In the land of stockings, the ones with prints are queens. Shelve your plain and dreary stockings/leggings and make it a point to get really bold with prints in 2010. February isn’t too late to add some fun to your wardrobe  and these fashion items that are sitting there, waiting for confident girls to pick them up.

But remember, there’s a fine line between gaudy and classy so mix and match those prints wisely!

Shiere X., 20 year old university student major in art design from GuangZhou

Lilja B., 16 year old bounty hunter from Iceland

Shan S., 49 year old textile artist/online boutique owner/craft teacher from osaka

Linda H., 19 year old fashion student/stylist/designer owner of own blogshop/amatuer DJ/party pooper/boutique store assistant from Singapore

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