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Red Done Right

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Fashion inspiration with a splash of red for what’s Valentine’s Day and the upcoming Lunar New Year without the lovely colour?

Text by Penny K
Sourced by Denise Lee

February is the time of year where love and luck reigns so whether you’re dressing for Valentine’s Day or Chinese New Year, a little bit of red always helps!

a hint of red

If this guy caught the eye of The Sartorialist, you won’t go far wrong with a similar outfit.

For guys who aren’t comfortable with wearing red, accents of red could work just as well. Here, a red vest and a hint of red socks under an overall understated outfit of blacks and greys is a winner.

reds here and therehere and there

This lady in red creates a striking impression with a simple red lips, scarf and ballet flats combination.

Again, if you ladies are not confident about your ability to pull red off, then throwing on red accessories here and there is innovative and renders you a knowledgeable dresser!

red nails

If you want something even more understated then consider red nails. It is a colour that pops against any dark or muted coloured outfit. Red nail polish has got staying power in the field of fashion, amongst celebrities and we’re quite sure, on the eyes of your date.

burgundy babysource


Want to wear red but not the chilli versions of it? The smart ones will opt for burgundy. It’s a darker, wine shade of red and can be classy or rugged – depending on what your style is.


Red lipstick is easier to wear than many think. You only need to find a colour that suits your skin, and also one that compliments the thickness (or thinness) of your lips. Here, Jessica Alba, is a shining example of red done right.

Scarlet Fever
Tips on how to wear red lipstick

If you’re going outdoors, pick softer, sheerer shades. For evenings, go bold so your features stand out.

Choose a red that suits your skin colour. If you’re warm with olive or yellow undertones, go for reds with orange or brown tones like brick red or fire-engine red. If you’re cool with pinkish or reddish undertones, pick a red lipstick with blue or pink tones.

Deep reds make thin lips disappear. Do avoid.

If you do red lips, keep eye make up as light as possible. You don’t want to look overly made up.

Red lipstick must be applied with precision to ensure no “bleeding” on the sides of the mouth or smudges.

Red is a lovely colour that portrays confidence and even power. Remember not to overdo so you won’t appear intimidating. All the best and have fun with it!

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