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M1 Fringe Festival: Art & The Law

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The 6th edition of the M1 Fringe Festival explored the theme of art and the law. Why the theme and what is the link?

Taken from the official website:

The process of artistic creation and its players are inextricably linked in some way or other to the notion of law and order. Art consists of a constellation of creators, distributors, presenters, critics, philanthropists, sponsors, audiences and even forgers and looters. In societies like Singapore, the creation and presentation of art are also connected to aspects of law that pertain to licensing and state funding.

Thoughtful gifts
Perhaps one of the festival’s most outstanding exhibitions is America the Gift Shop by Philip Toledano (England). In this installation project, Toledano pushes the envelope. The satirically conceived kitsch souvenirs (often seen in retail tourism) are what he imagines would be sold if George Bush’s foreign policy had a gift shop.

Amongst these pieces memorable ones were the inflatable Guantanamo Bay bouncy prison cell, Abu Ghraib coffee table and an Abu Ghraib bobblehead.

At first entertaining, the display quickly becomes disturbing. We begin to question our views on Bush’s foreign policy; are the tortures that take place in the Abu Ghraib prison but a remote reality to us who live in sterile Singapore?

If you missed the Fringe Festival this year, be sure to attend next year’s: Art & Education.

Abu Gharib Bobble-Head Figurines

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