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Embracing the Roaring New Year

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Now that the Lunar New Year is over, here are some things you might consider doing!

By Penny K

Everyone who celebrates the Lunar New Year or any such festivity would know that much like Summer romances, they tend to hit you like a whirlwind, leaving you not knowing what to do in its aftermath. Here’s a guide to give you a headstart! 

Work out
What a kill joy, I know, but what’s post Chinese New Year without working off everything in excess that you put into your body? Best to start as soon as possible! If jogging at the park is way too much self-discipline, perhaps paying for a gym membership will give greater impetus to get a move on? Whatever works, just do it. 

Spring clean…. again
Wait a minute, didn’t we just? Yes, indeed we did, but while that was for auspicious reasons – out with the old and in with the new – Spring Clean Part Two is really about hygiene. You’ve just had a horde of people enter your house over the past couple of days, you don’t know where they’ve been, what they’ve done with their hands, so let the inner hypochondriac in you take over and clean, clean, clean. Besides, what’s a new year without starting on a clean slate? And also, it doesn’t ever hurt to keep your house neat and tidy.  

Leftover goodness 
The worst yet arguably the best part of Chinese New Year is the leftovers. A great way to save money on lunch is to pack your own, and what better food is there to pack to school/work than food leftover from Chinese New Year? See, unfortunately, until us Chinese learn to stop overcooking, leftovers will always be inevitable. On another note, it indicates surplus and abundance, which is always a good thing!

Rest and relax
If you’re fortunate enough to get the whole week off, good for you. If not, then find pockets of time to rest and relax from the craziness of the festivities. As a general rule, choose to go home and rest over anything else. Sleep early to recuperate so your body knows it’s time to ease away from the high of the New Year. 

Drink plenty water
Was your Lunar New Year spent downing sugared carbonated drinks? Thought so. Time to flush all of that out with good ol’ water. Besides, if the old wives’ tale holds true, you’re probably very “heaty” from all that pineapple tarts and various pastries so make water your beverage of choice for this week at least.  

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