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Eat, Drink and be Merry

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We always tell ourselves to just for once, let go of stringent diets and strict nutrition philosophies; enjoy food the way kings and queens do. After all, we’re eating to beat stress and depression! But with festivities after festivities, how much more delicious, celebration food can we take?

By Penny C

Did you know that you’re far likely to eat more with people who have a huge appetite? Even if you don’t eat that entire plate of hot, crispy onion rings, you’ll want to have a bite, at least. Don’t forget buffets with an all-you-can eat dessert station. No one wants to miss out on the good stuff. The same applies in situations when you’re dining with a light eater. Chances are, you’ll be eating less because your gut’s telling you to back away from looking like a glutton.

The reason is simple – social cues other external factors affect how and what we eat, rather than internal biological forces like being hungry. Serving food onto large plates and having music playing in the background also tend increase food intake at the table.  Drooling at a comprehensive menu is another easy trap to consume more than you had wanted to.

We aren’t the food police but we do have simple tips on how to keep tabs on your food while enjoying big family dinners and hearty dine outs with friends. Here’s how –

Tips on dining out:

  • With all that talking, wining and dining, understand that dining in groups tend to lead to overeating. So be mindful of how much you’re consuming.
  • Go slow on your meal. If you want, pick a large salad to start with.
  • Go around the buffet stations with smaller plates. You’ll be more critical when portioning your food.
  • Small glasses make you gulp down your drink faster and go for re-fills. If possible, use tall drink glasses.

Tips on eating at home:

  • Star with small portions. Head for seconds only when you’re still hungry.
  • You can carried away with eating so don’t eat in front of the TV and be aware of how much you consume at the family dining table.
  • Take your time to eat.
  • Portion your snacks and don’t eat straight from the packet. Eat them using small crockery.
  • Don’t leave junk food and snacks out in the open. Go for alternatives like fruit.
  • Juices and water over soft drinks.

Eat in moderation and have healthy alternatives readily available if you need that boost during the day. Don’t be harsh on yourself when it comes to food, simply take it slow, know how to portion, and eat only what you can. Like they all say, eat, drink and be merry! Happy celebrations!

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