Alternative Love Songs

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For the guys and girls out there who are all about what’s indie, consider singing or mix-taping these songs on Valentine’s Day.

By Penny K

So you’re not the typical couple, here are indie beats that will set the heart of your loved one aflutter.

The Wannadies – You and Me Song

This happy, sappy tune brings to mind images of multicoloured balloons in the sky, carefree days spent frolicking in meadows, sharing a melting ice-cream on a hot Summer’s day oh, yes, and Romeo + Juliet.

Ash – Angel Interceptor

Nothing to shout about but it’s catchy after a while. “Ooo ahhh” background vocals give it a sound that is distinctly cheesy.

The Postal Service – Such Great Heights

By virtue of the fact that this song features the vocals of Ben Gibbard of Deathcab for Cutie means it can’t go far wrong. Upbeat, catchy and really high on love.

Snow Patrol – Crazy In Love

Wait a minute, isn’t this? Yes it is, it’s a cover of Beyonce’s smash hit. This version is sexy and dangerous. I may be alone in this but the rapping cracks me up.

Athlete – Halflight

An honest song about making the most out of your time together. Great for those in forbidden love relationships; I like it already.

The Decemberists – Red Right Ankle

Serene, sentimental, folksy. For those who are peacefully in love and want none of the noise and chaos of Valentine’s Day.

Coldplay – Fix You

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like this song yet. Dedicate it to a loved one who’s broken, going through a tough time, in need of some emotional support, or just to show you’ll have his or her back, always.

Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone With You

Saying I will do anything for you in a sentimental rather than crazy way.

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