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Looks Like It’s All In the Genes

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Good news guys, if your mom is hot chances are your future wife will be a looker too. The same goes for women with hunky dads.

According to a new study of facial similarities between romantic partners and their parents, women tend to date men that look like their fathers and sons go for girls that look like their mothers.

Tamas Bereczkei, a biologist at the University of Pecs, Hungary, and his colleagues mapped the faces of 67 young, long-term couples at their university, as well as each parent, measuring facial proportions such as the ratios of face length to width, nose length to face height, and mouth width to height.

Based on these numbers, Bereczkei’s team found that, overall, the face of a woman’s boyfriend’s more closely resembles her father’s than the faces of other males in the study. The correlation was most striking for measurements of the centre of the face, such as the ratios between nose length to face height and eye width to face height.

Men also dated women whose faces more closely resembled their mothers than other women in the study. But here, men seemed to focus on the lower part of the face. The ratios between jaw and face width and lip fullness (height) and width of their mothers and girlfriends tended to match.

These findings hint at a process called sexual imprinting. Exposure to adults can bias young animals to pick future mates that resemble their parents.

This could be evolution’s way of maintaining adaptations to local environments. Mating with someone too different from you and your parents could compromise such adaptations.

So guys, the next time you are quick to deem your mother an “aunty”, think once and again!

via Short Sharp Science

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