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TV This: Mary Queen of Charity Shops and Don’t Tell the Bride

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By Penny K

BBC Lifestyle (Channel 83 on Starhub cable TV) is a sassy, energetic channel that’s buzzing with ideas designed to inspire and transform your life and your surroundings, serving up programmes ranging from food, home and design to parenting, health and fashion. This February, the channel has a range of exciting programmes. We pick two of our favourite!

Mary Queen of Charity ShopsMary Queen of Charity Shops_BBC Lifestyle StarHub Channel 83_1

Not many of us would know this, but the star of Mary Queen of Charity Shops, Mary Portas happens to be Britain’s favourite retail guru. Through the show, she transforms Britain’s charity shops and the way they are perceived.

Many of Britain’s charity shops have become little more than dumping grounds and up to 70% of donated stock is unsellable and has to be sent for rag or straight to landfill, and charity shops end up paying thousands of pounds just to get rid of the rubbish.

Mary’s going to change all that. She believes that charity shops deserve a more prestigious place on high street and that it’s time that everyone woke up to their potential as shopping destinations. In order to fully understand charity shop life, Mary is turning shopkeeper and taking control of one store in a bid to increase their profits.

Can Mary teach the old dears who run it new tricks?

Can she overhaul the sad and tired clothes and bric-abrac that currently get dumped at the shop door? Will it work? There’s only one way to find out. Watch it!

Don’t Tell the Bride (series one)Don't Tell the Bride!

She may love him… but does she trust him to organise the wedding?

In this age of equality of the sexes, women can do men’s jobs, and men can do women’s. But there is one area of life where the ladies usually lead and that is to plan their own wedding.

Each episode follows a couple through the entire process of organising a wedding but the twist is that the bride has absolutely no involvement, as she has agreed to hand over all control of the wedding to the groom. She has no idea where she’s getting married, or who is turning up, until the big day itself, and she won’t see the dress until just hours before she wears it up the aisle. The couple are split up for the month leading up to the big day, and the groom has to pull off the whole thing in secret.

Will the relationship survive the strain? Will the groom succeed in pulling together the perfect wedding? And is his idea of perfection anywhere near hers? Find out this February!

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