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Picnic Pretty in the Park

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By Denise Lee
Contributor for Penny’s Daybook

It’s the New Year, and that means it’s time to get with the rush of a new year’s schedule and deadlines which can wear you out faster than you realize. However, instead of having downtime by emptying your pockets on retail therapy, why not opt for a little pic(nic) me up in the park instead?

Here are few of my top Picnic Paraphernalia Picks! (Yes, I’m very excited)


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Basket case!

I am absolutely in love with vintagey-wicker picnic baskets, especially those lined with checkered cloth with leather buckle straps. Try looking online for 2nd-hand finds or Arab St for their handmade baskets and line them with your own choice of cloth!

compartmentalised containers


Compartmentalising cuisine

This is awesome! Anyone from home-cooking foodies to office workers constantly on the go to lunch-box packing moms everywhere will appreciate the pure genius of this idea. Separate dry crisp cereal/granola/cookies from milk/yoghurt, or even a small portion of cold soba noodles from a light miso dressing (mm… YUM). Functional, clean and mess-free! Or else you could always go for something more conventional for full-sized meals such as this.



Oh c’mon, be a spork!

Friends would have heard me raving over this before; I just can’t help it! What can be better than having a spoon and a fork all in one? No more out of control slippery noodles after a spoon of that delicious broth!


Source 1 , 2

Mats made in heaven

Handmade picnic placemats from Etsy have inspired me, and I’m going to try and make some of my own soon! This simple accessory instantly prettifies any picnic setting. They unfurl from dainty ribbon-ed rolls out into printed place mats complete with a pocket for your cutlery.  Whether you’re on a romantic evening picnic or a grabbing lunch after a jog in the park with some pals, channel your inner hostess/host and use these mats that are both easy on the eyes and on the logistics!



Sipping pretty

Whether you’re waiting for sun-up or chasing the sun-down, you can sit pretty on that picnic mat and sip warm cocoa/coffee/tea (delete where applicable) from this gorgeous thermos from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (which , by the way is on a crazy winter sale now). Print designs part of the William Morris Collection.

Some green tips
By Penny K

Reuse old bed sheets as picnic mats. Not only are they soft and comfy, they look way better than some ratty plastic mats!

Use cloth napkins instead of paper towels. Cloth can be washed and reused. Paper? Well that’s just the death of more trees.

If you must use disposable utensils, try to get biodegradable ones. Singaporean company, Cornware produces corn and yam-based dining ware that’s 100% biodegradable and durable – but definitely not edible!

Carpool. You’ve got lots to haul but try as far as possible to carpool with friends or family.

Clear up after yourself. There’s nothing worse than to pick a nice spot that has been infested by ants, thanks to someone else’s inconsideration.

So go on then, put on your picnic best, put together a healthy lunch and go picnic in the park!

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