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Men’s Mane Focus of 2010

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Men’s hair trends for the year are inspired by cuts of the past but with a 21st century twist.

By Penny K

Crowning glory
Hands up if you know of guys who take forever and a day in the bathroom fixing their hair or those who can’t help but check themselves out at every reflective surface they pass. Yes, some men just can’t get over their mane.

If you’re one of these men who take pride in their crowning glory, here are some hairstyles for 2010; it is all about updating old fashion gel and combing.

Rooted in classically inspired styles
Men’s hair for 2010 is split into two main categories: schoolboy and rocker. Even if you choose not to adhere strictly to these styles, as long as your haircut is a derivation of a refined, classically inspired hairstyle, you will be right on trend.

The fringe
A continuum of last year’s hair trend, the fringe is a look that keeps well this year. The men’s fringe trend in 2010 comes in a variety of lengths so you have the luxury of choosing what suits your face shape best. Keep the back and sides short but play with the length of your fringe to differentiate yourself from the next fringed guy like this:


For an updated and more current look try a textured fringe that reaches brow length. See below:

textured fringe

If you find yourself bowled (pun intended) over by the pageboy-inspired heavy fringe sported by the Jil Sander models, you may attempt but all at your own peril!

jil sander

The slick back
The slick back is a throwback to classic men’s hairstyles. While George Clooney carries it off well, as do the Ralph Lauren models, not many can.


Guys with straight hair should stick to longer cuts on top while those with wavy hair should keep the top short. For both straight and wavy haired men, keep sides short. You can choose to wear this style parted or partless.

jil sander mens hair

The classic part
While parting hair may seem simple enough, parting styles are plenty. You can wear your hair slicked to the side (first picture, Duke of Windsor) or slicked back. You can also have your hair parted to the side but so much so you reveal your scalp although this is not recommended (second picture)!

Duke of Windsor sidepart


Hair colour
Natural hair colours go best with the classic cuts that dominate 2010’s men’s hair fashion.

So guys, this year go back in time, pick a classic style, revolutionise and make it your own!

Adapted from and Times Online

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