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It’s Time For A Picnic

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Get out of your routine and find yourself a green space to park yourself and your friends with a picnic basket.

Singapore Botanic GardensThe girls at Penny decided that a break away from the city would be the best thing we needed to get refreshed and inspired. So we packed up a picnic basket, got up early one Saturday morning and headed down to the Singapore Botanic Gardens. And I do have to say that is exactly what we needed.

Just entering this green haven instantly calmed our frenetic thoughts and slowed us down. Something that I think we all need, because we’re always constantly on the go, glued to a television screen or our computer that we lose sight to stop and appreciate what we have.

We spend most of our time communicating with our friends and family via text message or social networks that we hardly have proper conversations that aren’t longer than 140 characters; much less even appreciate the mysteries of nature.

PicnicSo there we were marveling at the amazing foliage that enveloped us, from the tallest bamboo to the most delicate of flowers. Some children were feeding the swans while a large family was playing a game of soccer before getting out a Frisbee so their dogs could join in the fun.

We spread out our blanket on a fantastic lawn with enough shade to keep us happy and popped open a bottle of champagne. Savouring the heat on our skin and the wind in our hair coupled with the sounds of crickets, the low buzz of people talking and dogs barking lulled us in to a bubble of complete and utter bliss.

How could you not feel great with good company, conversation, food and just a magical atmosphere to enjoy it all in? So why not pack up your own picnic basket to enjoy? Here are some tips:

1. Food

It doesn’t have to be a rich spread, even something simple like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches will do just fine! Picnics aren’t full course meals, they’re fun foods that are easy to prepare, pack and eat! Sandwiches, burritos, salads, pastries or pasta are all great. Remember though, that it’ll have to withstand the sun, so leave the egg salad at home. If at all possible do cover your food and leave it in the cooler. Fruits are always great for dessert! You can always pop wedges of lemon or oranges and even strawberries to infuse with your water.

IMG_12672. Hydrate

Remember to keep yourself hydrated! While you might want to crack open a bottle of champagne or have some soft drinks, bring along some water, so you can continually hydrate, as the sun beats down on you.

3. Packaging

Where possible, do try to use reuseable storage containers to save our earth! Bring cloth napkins and try biodegradable utensils. Penny K found Cornware that produces corn and and yam-based dining ware that’s 100% biodegradable and durable. To keep any of your foods cool, place it in a cooler bag, so it stays out of the sun and stays fresh!

4. Everything Else

Remember to bring along your picnic mats, as Penny K suggested you can also use old bedsheets, that are much more comfortable and a lot prettier. For some fun, bring along some games that you can play – frisbees, a football, even waterbombs (just watch your aim!) You can even bring your favourite four-legged friend along to enjoy the day.

It’s gonna be sunny, so slap on some sun screen and since bugs are pretty much part of the deal, some bug repellant while you’re at it.

For more picnic paraphernalia and tips, check out our past article Picnic Pretty in the Park.

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