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The torture basement in Museum goudA , Netherlands, was revamped to intrigue in an extremely cool way without dressing up the cellar too much. At least that’s what visitors see with the lights on, that is.

torture cellar

The design team of Trapped in Suburbia had this to say about the concept:

We’ve decided to make it an experience put all the information on the floor with UV-paint. In this way you can only see something when you put on the UV-flash light otherwise it is just a white floor. So you really have to go exploring and discover new things. All the info on the floor is hand drawn, even the text.

torture cellar 2

torture cellar 3

torture cellar 4

The illustration was done by Jos Verwer, typography by Trapped in Suburbia (check out their portfolio page on Behance). Pictures from CabFabLab and Behance Network.

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