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Think Before You Text

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LG Electronics rolls out new multi-media campaign urging teens to give cellphone misuse a ponder.

The cellphone has fast become a mode of communication as it has a mode of gossip. LG’s new campaign raises awareness about mobile phone misuse – a give it a pondergreat PR move that encourages “the right thing”.

The lowdown (taken from the press release):

The LG “Give It A Ponder” multi-media campaign portrays real scenarios discovered in LG’s research and uses levity to encourage teens to ‘ponder’ before texting and consider the real consequences of their actions. At the heart of the campaign is the iconic symbol of the Ponder Beard. The use of the Ponder Beard in the campaign is a humorous twist on the familiar gesture of stroking your chin when deep in thought. The idea of “pondering before you text” comes to life via tween and teen-targeted webisodes, cinema spots, digital out-of-home billboards, and social media applications. The webisodes feature a beardless James Lipton (Inside the Actors Studio) who encourages teens to Give It A Ponder while caught up in the excitement of certain situations such as sexting, or texting a hurtful rumor.

The campaign, “Give It A Ponder(TM),” was born out of extensive, proprietary research LG conducted among tweens and teens. Give It A Ponder is one of the first programs the company has created as part of a comprehensive, long-term initiative that addresses risky mobile behavior. Earlier this year, the company launched LG DTXTR, an online tool that allows parents to decode cryptic and possibly harmful text messages their kids may be using. In 2010, LG will unveil additional program elements.


Go to LG’s Give it a Ponder website to find out more.

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