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The Ascent of Cat Power

  • SumoMe

Catch nouveau folk blues singer, Cat Power (Chan Marshall), when she performs live at the Esplanade 13 Jan.

Mosaic Series: Cat Power
13 Jan, Wed. 9pm at Esplanade Concert Hall. $80, $60 and $40. Tickets via SISTIC. Cat Power

Event synopsis:
Cat Power’s undeniable talent, her slow-burning vocal delivery, her sparse guitar and piano playing, the intimacy and subtle tension of her songs, her country and blues references, and the very thoughtfulness and yet urgent recklessness of her recall such artists as Bob Dylan, Patti Smith and Kurt Cobain.

Yet, Cat Power’s brand of poignant, pensive and sometimes self-consciously fragile, Southern-accented nouveau folk blues is all her own. She writes her own music and when she covers someone else’s songs (which she often does) – be it Bob Dylan, the Velvets, Oasis, Hank Williams or the Rolling Stones – she reworks them into something completely new.

Not many folk-rock singers today exude the sort of raw emotion that Cat Power does. And whether sardonic, joyful, angry or remorseful, her songs, with their hinted worlds of joys and hurts, always get under the listener’s skin.

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