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Shot in Vancouver and created with VFS 3D animation and visual effects, Maybe One Morning or Forse Un Mattino by Mario Brioschi is based on an poem of the same name by Italian Poet and Prose Writer, Eugenio Montale.

maybe one morning

maybe one morning 3

maybe one morning 2

maybe one morning 4

Maybe one Morning from mario brioschi on Vimeo.

Maybe One Morning

Maybe one morning, walking in dry, glassy air,
I’ll turn, and see the miracle occur:
nothing at my back, the void
behind me, with a drunkard’s terror.

Then, as if on a screen, trees houses hills
will suddenly collect for the usual illusion.
But it will be too late; and I’ll walk on silent
among the men who don’t look back, with my secret.

See how the video is made at the end of the film. Nice work!

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