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Living Big In Small Ways

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By Penny K

This new year, put the past year’s worries behind you and embrace the new year with a fresh and open mind. Take up new hobbies, change your lifestyle and go the road less travelled. There’s no shame in being different!

Keep a terrarium



A terr- what?!

Terrariums are miniature, self contained eco-systems. Once created, these closed environments can go for months unattended without even adding water. Avid gardeners turn to Terrariums as a way to extend their gardening season all year long. The only disadvantage to the active gardener is once the Terrarium is established, neglect is often the best method of care.

Terrariums are a great alternative to common houseplants like potted African Violets, Dumbcane and cacti. Unleash your inner green fingers and create your very own miniature world and watch it thrive. Penny will be making her very own terrarium next month so keep your eyes peeled!

Do yoga

Reverse Warrior


This one needs no introduction yet it is easy for non-practitioners of yoga to scoff at the idea of doing a couple of stretches for health. The various asanas, or postures, which range from the very basic to more challenging help align body with mind resulting in holistic wellness. The wonders of yoga cannot be spoken of, they need be experienced. Pick it up and feel yourself get stronger and happier.


Reading need not be relegated to the to-do lists of geeks only. If the last novel you read was while you were reading English Literature in secondary school, time to get reacquainted with books. If 400 pages of endless text isn’t your thing, read poetry, read the newspapers, read good magazines, read Penny’s Daybook!

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants”

in defense of food


So says the opening line of Michael Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food“, where he eloquently discusses the need for a sensible outlook on food and agriculture. According to Pollan it all begins with asking yourself a simple question such as “What should we have for dinner?” This year practice mindful eating; choose carefully what you consume. For a start, you could go Meat Free Monday(s). Become the patron saint of the notion that eating healthy does not require special diet programmes or personal nutritionists.

Dress smart

Hair Accessories


Make your own clothes if you can. Otherwise, buy clothes made from recycled fabric thoughtfully handcrafted into new garments. Make your own accessories from scrap things from beads to bottle caps and old military badges. Anything goes, really.

In 2010 drive smaller cars, go public, love, live, and dream very big. Have a happy new year in advance!

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