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Inch Chua: Music & Mistletoes

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Local artist, Inch Chua, believes in maintaining a clear goal in order to achieve even the most difficult dream. The road might be long and hard, but with a heart set on that one thing, dreams can come true. Since The Bedroom EP,  this girl with a penchant for creating music in the comfort of her own bedroom has been well, doing just that.  Don’t believe us? She has released a brand new Christmas EP – Peace, Love & Mistletoe, free for all to download at her official website!  So start clicking the download button and have Inch’s music play on during your Christmas party! You’ll feel the warmth and love in the room get a little more generous.

By Penny C

Inch Chua [Credits to Red Lebrun.]Earlier this year, I reviewed Inch’s first EP – The Bedroom and was completely blown away by her soothing vocals and originality. If you missed out on that, take a step back into time right here. This time, Inch lets us in on how passion can open doors,  the real deal about making music in Singapore and the fact that she has over 10 moles on her body. Read on and get to know this girl with the acoustic guitar and a truck load of zest and passion.

Hello Inch! Tell us something about yourself only you know.

I have 17 moles on my body.

You get experimental when it comes to music. Have you always been this adventurous musically or was it something you stumbled into?

I think being adventurous is one of my consistent traits while growing up. Regardless of it being music, food or anything under the sun; I love variety. So when it comes to music, I guess you can say experimenting around was just second nature. Additionally, playing with toys, electronics and little gadgets really does flip my happy switch. :)

Do you think that local talents have been given abundant opportunities to express their creativity over the last few years? If you could change something to augment the system, what would it be?

Well, I think over the past decade or so, music (not just Singapore) from all over the world has been blessed with the ultimate tool of the trade: The Internet. And thanks to that, it feels like the amount of opportunity to reach out to an audience has endlessly unfolded itself. However, the only problem I see is the interest level of the public for local original English music. The people, who listen to local music, make up a TINY fraction of the population in Singapore; we’re like the minority of minorities. If you think about it, the amount of people who support local music is less than even 1% of the Singapore population. It’s really depressing.

If only more Singaporeans would take time to understand it. It would be great.

How do you kick ass? How do you overcome obstacles in the local music industry?

Tolerance and persistence is the key to last in the music industry. There are many times you’d feel very insufficient or just very insecure about your music. But I guess you got to get over yourself and just keep in clear vision of what you want in your music and what you want to give with it.

Who’s your magical muse?

Mr Ricky

My dog, Mr Ricky. ♥ He’s got a whole lot of personality.

What inspires you the most?

People. Its in people you can find a lot of meaning and understanding of a lot of things. Things like suffering, love, compassion, animosity, pain, and happiness, pretty much everything. Besides, most of my songs are written for people. :)

What’s your dream creative project?

Hahaha, to record a full-length album with a full piece symphony orchestra and better yet perform with one. Not forgetting fusing elements of a full live band and all my kooky electronics. Aw, that just sounds so awesome.

How would you encourage/inspire others to pursue a career in music?

The truth is, pursuing music in Singapore is something NOT easy. You’d need a whole lot of hard work and a whole lot of heart for it. You need passion.

And I personally think the word; “passion” has been SO badly abused. The word “passion” actually derives from the Latin word “passio” which actually means, “to suffer” and that is how heavy the gravity is on the price you’d need to pay to pursue music.

Describe to us a day in the life of Inch Chua.

I wake up, snooze, wake up for real, wash up, check my mail, feed Ricky and myself, head for school, get some school work done, head home, check my mail again, do some song-writing or recording before I head to bed. If I have the time, I’ll squeeze in a little gaming time and the whole thing starts all over again. :)

When was the last time you thought, “If only I had my tambourine with me now…”

The time I forgot to bring it for a show.

How amazing was your first Christmas memory?

It was awesome. My family believes in being ecologically friendly, so buying a product of deforestation aka real pine tree is a huge no-go in the household. So what we did was used a tall hat hanger, covered it with a dark green quilt and hung our random ornaments on it. We sang Christmas carols together by the tree and watched Home Alone on the tele.

What’s your Christmas wish and how do you intend to celebrate Christmas this year?

I’ll be spending Christmas Eve with my family, just like how we do it every year. :)

What are you looking forward to in 2010, both personally and career wise?

2009 just zoomed by me real quick and I’m still trying to get over how quick it went by for me. A lot has happened since; like 2 releases out already and I’m pretty much finishing up my year in LASALLE soon. For 2010, I’m really looking forward to SXSW’10 in March and my decision of doing music full-time after I graduate in May.

What’s in your mix tape?

Lots of Butch Walker, The Carpenters, Jamie Cullum, Sufjan Stevens, B-quartet.

Is there any other information you’d like to include in this feature?


The Bedroom EP and Christmas EP, Peace, Love & Mistletoe are available for download at

Wait! We can’t let our girl miss out on Penny’s little exercise this Christmas. In line with our theme of “Jingle Jangle”, we got Inch to fill in our blanks this season! :)

Inch Chua


Take a listen to Inch’s latest upload , Pins & Needles (original), on Youtube

Remember to download her music on Inch’s official website, be a fan on Facebook, subscribe to her Youtube channel and check her out on purevolume. Till then, have a Merry Christmas everyone and may all your dreams, no matter what they are, come true! :))

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