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I’m sure you’ve been wondering for a while who the various Penny’s and personalities are behind each article, churned out each day and perhaps even what we look like. Well, to bridge the gap so that you can get to know us, so we can get to know you better, we’re revealing ourselves! Meet…us!

Nic, Hana & Adine

(L to R: Penny V, Penny K & Penny C)

To find out our real names and read a lil more about us, click here.


  1. Jenny Koh /

    very nice and classy! =)

  2. itsmark /

    how is it that penny k is tallest? weird..

  3. @Jenny : Thank you!

    @itsmark: Is it weird? Haha. Perhaps I’m used to everybody being taller. :)

    Penny V.

  4. I am LOVING the shoes,by the way, on all of you guys. Also, a question, why “Penny”?

  5. @Darshini: About the shoes – thanks so much! Pretty shoes are one of our weaknesses, heh!

    To us, “Penny” is a girl who’s sweet yet incredibly street smart. Just imagine Penny in her favourite dress, out on the porch in the quiet afternoons, exploring the world with inquisitive eyes and limitless imagination. :)

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