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Doxology: A Short Film by Michael Langan

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DOXOLOGY {Short Film} Tennis balls from the sky! It’s a change from the mundane game of playing a game of tennis with the wall. But Michael Langan‘s debut film, Doxology, is more than just about the balls.

Michael Langan is an independent filmmaker and commercial director based in San Francisco and Boston. Currently, his is a director and creative with SF/NY-based Mekanism.

Doxology has already been screened at more than 80 film festivals around the world and has received fourteen awards, including a Student Academy Award nomination.

DOXOLOGY {Short Film}

The film’s eccentric and slightly thought provoking stance draws you in like rabbits to carrots. But then again, some scenes might have been shot, just because. Afterall, it is an “experimental comedy about tennis balls, dancing cars, and God”.  Either way, we couldn’t peel our eyes away from Doxology. What about you?

Flip to his youtube channel or visit his site to see more of his films.

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