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Christmas Crisis Busters

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It’s two days to Christmas and you haven’t done your shopping. What do you do?

By Penny K

Prioritiseshopping stress
If you’re far from prepared for Christmas you are, quite frankly, screwed. But if you prioritise, you may just make it out of Christmas alive. Forget about that wreath that you really wanted to get this year or that sock you envisioned as a feature piece in your dining hall (why would you want that?) – focus on what’s more important. Gifts are important; you will be receiving some so it’d be good that you have some to give in return, you scrooge. If you’re entertaining, please have food ready. Prepare a grocery list and head straight for rosemary and don’t get tempted by the two-for-the-price-of-one aluminum foil!

Be flexible
You were planning on preparing for a party of only 20 and suddenly someone wants to bring two more guests, what do you do? You may curse and swear – after you hang up the phone please. But really, where’s the spirit of Christmas in doing that? Instead say, “Sure!” and make you sure you pick the biggest turkey out there. That, and hope for the best. If you’re Asian, you are safe: just over-prepare like always.

There are some of us who take pride in getting things done all by ourselves. Yes lazy people, people like that do exist. It may not, however, always be a good thing. If you’re planning this party with your family, get your siblings to help out. Younger members of a family are often more susceptible to the lure of petty cash and candies so you might want to try that route. If you’re throwing this party alone rally some good friends (this is when you can tell who’s reliable and who isn’t), tell them you love them and that they will be duly rewarded with extra helpings of food later.

Be happy
You’ve dragged your feet long enough to get this party together, and if you continue to drag your feet you may as well cancel it. But that’s of course not very practical advice so just be happy about it. Remind yourself that Christmas comes but once every year, and that when you go back to sitting in your freezing office in January, you want to be brimming with fond memories of the previous year’s Christmas.

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