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Alternative Christmas Trees

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If you’re bored of pine, fir, and fake Christmas shrubbery, here are some interesting tree twists you can follow. The possibilitrees are endless.

By Penny K

Fabric Trees

These fabulously fabric Christmas trees are made by Sarah Neuburger. Creative and eco-conscious since you can use scrap pieces of fabric from old clothes.

fabric christmas trees

fabric christmas trees

Wall Christmas Tree

The brainchild of Jane Schouten of All the Luck in the World. She created this tree out of useless but pretty looking scrap items she collected over the years. A great way to use the things that are pointless to use but too pretty to throw.

wall tree

Feather Tree

From Paperchase. Comes in purple or black (14 inch), £8.00.

Trees Feather

PossibiliTree (Love the name? We do!)

Created by Richard Babcock with natural wood species like wild cherry, walnut, birch and reclaimed deadwood, when available. It can be left to stand way after Christmas is over, as a beautiful, rustic looking ornament. Try making your own with ice-cream sticks!


Have a Merry, Alternative Christmas!

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  1. A new alternative eco-Christmas tree is made by a design firm in New Hampshire – Festive Tree. They make unique wood trees that are larger than typical table tops but smaller – and easier than a large live tree. These trees are beautiful, sustainable and a wonderful choice for a new holiday look.

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