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Almost everyone comes into contact with a word processor and in the age of multi-tasking, social networking and instant messaging, it gets pretty easy to be distracted.

As a writer, sitting in front of a computer all day long, churning out articles and sending out e-mails; it’s easy to let your work fester while you send out a quick twitter message, check your Facebook and instant message your best friend that the spa appointment for tonight has now been cancelled. Phew. Did that article or report get finished in that last half-hour? I think not.

WriteRoomThat’s where WriteRoom comes in. I know it has been a while since it has been released, but I do have to say that I love it so far. WriteRoom offers you a pretty kitschy word processor reminiscent of 8-Bit computers to cut out all the distractions; so you do nothing but write and complete that report which should have been finished 2 hours ago.

While it isn’t as fancy as Microsoft Word, or other word processors in the sense that it can’t generate tables, have flashy pictures or have an annoying paperclip dancing in the corner of your screen. It has the basic requirements needed to stay focused so you can get the work done including word count, spell-check and the all important auto-save.

While I feel utterly nostalgic with the green-on-black colour combo (almost Matrix-like!), you can customise your own colours and page layout.

Not intended for large writing projects needing a whole lot of features, WriteRoom is great for distraction-free writing so you stay focused and get what you need done and fast! Inspiration and motivation not included.


  1. Worth mentioning is that WriteRoom is available for free for 17 more hours on MacHeist, as part of their nanobundle. Free. Bundle.

    • Hi Ember! Yes, everybody has been going crazy with MacHeist. Thanks for shouting it out to everybody. :)

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