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Toppling The Roadblocks: Jeanine Gabrielle

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For three months starting November, Penny’s Daybook will be featuring inspiring entrepreneurs who each has something different to bring to the table. They run with what they’ve got as they jump over potholes and bumps in the road. Our November’s spotlight is heating up on the subject of creativity and is shining down on who’s tired of at mass produced accessories with same designs and similar concepts. Where’s the “oomph!” when you need it? Follow us as we go in search of this particular “oomph!” that only creative junkie, Jeanine Goh can provide.

By Penny C

Jeanine Gabrielle GohWhen most people are typing away furiously in efforts to clear their inboxes and walking frantically around the office just to look busy, Jeanine is sitting comfortably at home, taking her time to think through a flexible work schedule for the day. She’s the single creative mind (and hands) behind, a website that’s filled with all sorts of craft work designed and handmade by Jeanine herself. Her ultimate goal? To make it really, really big on her own and be successful in every sense of the word, we quote.

At 20, she was already growing strong as an Events Executive in an industry where people were skeptical about the capabilities of a rookie. If they could only see that were messing with the wrong girl. Because at 24, Jeanine is driven with passion and motivation as she calls the shots and directs creativity the way no one else can. This free spirit also doesn’t like formalities, “I don’t like to treat everything so seriously because if you do, you start to lose the fun in things. You need to have fun especially with work, otherwise you’ll just dread every single day.” She says. Everything she can do now has been possible by years of experience and trial and error.

Jeanine Gabrielle Goh

Jeanine sees inspiration in everything and when it comes to art, Andy Warhol is the synonym. As the first feature of three entrepreneurs who inspires, Jeanine dazzles us with her words of strength and encouragement to others. But besides that, she shares with us about music, life and being in love with a DJ.

Tell us something about yourself that people don’t already know.

I’m the youngest of 3 girls in the family. My eldest sister is 16 years older than me and she’s married to a muslim. My second sister is 13 years older than me and she has 3 kids! So, I’m quite the baby in the family. I became an aunt the moment I was born! :)

The primary focus of seems to be on accessories and jewellery. How did you cultivate your unique, creative flair for designing these items?

I graduated with a diploma in hospitality management which is like poles apart from my current business. I believe I was blessed with a creative mind! It’s hard to cultivate something that you don’t already have, if it isn’t in you, it’s always going to be hard.

Love Dance NY

But over the years, especially when I’m doing customisations, I actually get a lot more new ideas from my customers! Two heads or more are always better than one! Because I’m in control of the final product, “too many chefs can’t spoil the broth!” it’s more like gathering ideas and picking up the best and putting them all together.

Everybody and anybody are starting to make/source their own little DIY pieces and selling them online. Comment on this trend and how do the items at stand out from the rest?

It’s easy to pick up an idea and copy it, but not everyone will succeed. You need to have the PASSION to make it grow. The market is flooded with accessories made with Swarovski crystals. I don’t use those materials much, or not at all. The pieces I create are not just stones put together with wire on chain, I like experimenting with different types on media, mixing and matching until I get something.

Chanel UnicornRock with Mickey

It’s not just your product that needs to stand out; people have to be able to recognise how they are “served” by understand their needs. If you read my guestbook entries, you’ll understand what I mean J My customers know that every single piece I make is made with all my heart! And they recognise that.

How would you encourage/inspire individuals who want to pursue their ambitions of owning a creative business online?


Running a creative business online is different from just running a normal business online. First ask yourself, are you doing this for the passion, or for the money? If it’s just for the money, I’d say think twice. But if it’s out of passion, then go for it and don’t look back!

What have been some of your favourite pieces?

It’s impossible to pick a favourite which is why I often have trouble letting go of some pieces! I made a bunch of new bracelets a few days back and I call them the happy bracelets because they make you happy just by looking at them! There’s also the “I bleed for Chanel” necklace, I wear mine with almost everything! It’s been a crowd favourite.

Youth sometime does have its pitfalls like people not taking you seriously. Well, screw them! How do you overcome obstacles and prove naysayers wrong?

Looking like a 19 year old at age 24 can be a bitter sweet thing. When I held my first events job, at 20 everyone had made bets as to how long I would last. Not only did I break the record of 3 months, I also kicked some major butt at it!

Never let what others say put you down – never forget that. In fact, when I feel like someone is underestimating me in any situation, I tend to feed off that “anger” and push further forward to prove them wrong. I get a real kick out of proving people wrong. But seriously, you shouldn’t allow yourself to be affected by what people say. They can say what they want, but if you believe in what you do, in time they will see for themselves that they were too quick to judge.

You’ve got a blog filled with everyday stuff like food, music and love that brings you closer with like-minded designers, friends and potential customers. How much of the site is used as a personal outlet and also for promoting your work?

Jeanine's Blog Header

BenWell the blog was started a year ago, initially, I meant for both Ben and I but you know guys… so it slowly became my outlet for rants. It’s pretty much a balance between personal life and work. Not everyone gets to experience what it’s like to date a DJ, and I thought it would be fun for others to read about. Plus with Ben’s recent enlistment into army, I’ve been blogging about how things are and how I feel, so those who read my blog and are going through the same thing know that they aren’t alone! And for those who are a lot younger and haven’t gotten to that point in life, they’ll know what to expect in future!

To sum it up, my blog is generally filled with life’s thrills and spills! I hope to share my experiences in life with whoever is interested to read about it. I’m also very open to working with different companies, labels and anyone who has a product to sell. It’s great to have special blog perks for my readers to enjoy!

What inspires you?

I get inspired by anything and everything; live or dead. Emotions, songs, movies, quotes, pictures, stories… I could go on forever! Which is why I make it a point to carry my diary around with me, so when inspiration strikes, I can pull out my diary and make a quick note or doodle!

Jeanine's Doodles

Has Ben’s music influenced you to create certain party-inspired pieces?

I wouldn’t say I’ve created party-inspired pieces in particular, but in the beginning I was totally “obsessed” with cassette tapes, vinyl’s (Records), boom boxes, turn tables and all that kind of stuff… but I’d say my designs have gotten a lot bolder, and louder… the sort of accessories you’d want to wear to get noticed at parties! Sometimes I draw inspiration from the songs he sends me! I get inspired by lyrics too!


Who takes your cake?

I totally LOVE Andy Warhol’s works! I think he was amazing an amazing artist, and even though he left the world some 22 years ago, his works are still a big part of the art industry. And his film Factory Girl? That was totally amazing. Andy’s works are iconic. He really made his mark; you’d recognise a Warhol piece anytime. I love all his witty quotes too!

Andy Warhol

He’s highly inspiring. His quotes somehow “Teach” you how to live life.  And like Andy said, “Art is anything you can get away with.”

What would your dream creative project be?

I had this one idea in my mind, and it’s been in my mind for ages. I always had this vision of a concept café where you could shop for accessories, gifts and what not while waiting for your food. It’d be a really cool place where you can bring your partners and throw instant surprises, and really feel special. I really enjoy working with people and meeting people, so it might be pretty fun. Just that running the f & b side of it will be tough, and it’s not as easy as you might imagine it to be.

But now that I’m pretty much stuck with a DJ the rest of my life, maybe we’ll come up with something else that incorporates music too!

What are you looking forward to (personally and also for

Jeanine and Ben I’m definitely looking forward to Ben getting NS over and done with, but that’s going to be another 2 years. Then we’ll slowly figure out where our future is going to be because he is considering further studies overseas. I don’t think I want to entertain the thought of maintaining this relationship long distance, so if he’s going, he has to take me with him!

If he does though, then might have to move to another country.  I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing but yea I guess we’ll figure that out when the time comes. Right now I’m just looking to further increase brand awareness and hopefully more people will come to appreciate what I do and embrace it! :)

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Hold it! Our interview with Jeanine isn’t over yet. Pop into our gallery for more of Jeanine’s journey, her panda pets and watch her take on a very special “fill in the blanks” section!

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Jeanine’s studio shots were done by INTRIGUE VISUALS.

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