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The Brains vs. Beauty Quandry

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Don’t play the game of love and lust, work it out diagrammatically before making your choice.


Infographic: The Brains vs. Beauty Quandry, Cliff Kuang

Before choosing a partner or fling, engage the help of Cliff Kuang‘s The Brains vs. Beauty Quandry to help you predict the various ways in which your relationship could end up.

But there are some interesting scientific data points in the brains vs. beauty quandary. Men really do prefer women with curves. In turn, curvy women are both more fertile, and tend to be smarter (and produce smarter kids). So among women, sexual selection does seem to be giving men what they want. – Cliff Kuang

Hopefully Kuang’s Quandry will help you make more informed decisions but if you do muck it up anyway, guess we can only say “we told you so”.

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