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Swift Win at AMA’s for Taylor

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Taylor SwiftGood golly Taylor Swift is having a red letter year despite Kanye’s attempt to thwart Taylor’s win when he crashed the VMA stage during Taylor’s acceptance speech for Best Female Video, which is the first time a country artist ever won.

She’s managed to bag herself a very hot man (well boy, actually) with Taylor Lautner and just hours earlier the country pop star swept  awards, of which she beat out the likes of Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga for Favourite Adult Contemporary Artist and overall Artist of the Year! Her other wins include Favorite Country Album (for Fearless), Favorite Female Pop/Rock Artist, and Favorite Country Female Artist, after a round of massive fan-voting. It’s easy to see why though: in a sea of veritable skanks and sex-ridden musicians, Taylor’s clean-cut image shines out like a beacon. It could also be that she mostly sings and doesn’t try to put out a massive theatrical act, much like Lady Gaga’s great ball o’ fire piano act and Adam Lambert’s attempted mass sexual healing with gratuitous amounts of crotch thrusting. In any case, the piano act was much better than her previous multiple “stabbing” at the VMAs, where Suicide Prevention Associations broke out into an uproar over her glamourisation of suicide. You can’t say she doesn’t know how to up the ante at each show, but let’s hope she tones it down when she sings for the Queen of England in December.

We’re drifting though, in other AMA news, while Taylor beat the late-MJ for that category he still won awards for Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist, Favorite Pop/Rock Album (for Number Ones), Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist, and Favorite Soul/R&B Album.

It’s an amazing success for the young Taylor Swift who is only 20 years old and only released her debut single 3 years ago in a market that usually doesn’t get global main-stream recognition. Her album “Fearless” is certified quadruple platinum, and her 60-date tour of the U.S., UK and Australia sold out in minutes. Taylor also won Entertainer of the Year at the recent CMAs (Country Music Awards) and we’re sure everyone will be watching the Grammy’s in the new year.

Who will it be clean-cut, wholesome, relateable Taylor Swift or the excesses and escapist dream that is Lady Gaga or Adam Lambert?

This is Taylor Swift winning for Female Pop/Rock Artist:

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