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PETA: No Gobbling Turkeys This Thanksgiving

  • SumoMe

PETA is well known for rolling out controversial campaigns. Here’s its latest.

By Penny K

In an attempt to stamp out meat from the diets of people and fur from the coats of celebrities, PETA has rolled out its latest advertisement: this one tackles the tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving but the TV spot has been banned.

Staying true to its oft-used wet-blanket tactics (amongst others including flour-pelting), this one features a family saying grace just before digging in to a turkey. The little girl, who leads her family in prayer, has lots to thank god for – including the fact that “turkey(s) get kicked around like a football” in farms before reaching dinner tables.

While vegetarianism has its benefits, promoted in a self-righteous way might turn people off it. This advertisement could serve to do more harm unto its cause than intended. PETA may be against killing turkeys, but many people are also against killing joy.

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