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By Penny K

So you’ve kept up with every tee-and-jeans trend, how about going down the road less travelled to distinguish yourself from the next guy?

1. Wear a tie bar

Tie Bar from J.Press

Tie Bar from J.Press


You want to be caught dead wearing a tie bar because post 1950s, wearing one guarantees instant recognition. Accolades will also go out to you for courage. But don’t just throw one on without giving it any thought, hoping it would work its magic just like that. Bear in mind the tie bar you don should be simple – stay far away from blinged out pieces. Tie bars are also meant for slimmer ties and should always be shorter than the width of the tie. One that is the same width will look too big and break-up the natural line that the tie creates on the body. Finally, wear the tie bar with purpose and intention; it should affix your tie to your shirt, preventing it from flapping around. Now you’re ready to step out onto those windy streets – make this a staple especially during the latter parts of the year.

Who wears it: Mark Ronson

2. Wear glasses


Super Hollywood Dream glasses

Want to alter your look without having to forgo your signature ensembles? Be spectacled! Putting on a pair of glasses can dramatically change your look. Perfect for making a bold impression or even to go incognito. Choose a sophisticated colour so you look smart and professional rather than a broke hipster who tries too hard.

Who wears it: Raphael Saadiq, Johnny Depp (now and then)

3. Carry a briefcase

Jack Spade Canvas Briefcase

Jack Spade Canvas Briefcase

If you’re the backpack-carrying type of guy and want to move on to carrying a briefcase but don’t quite know how, then going for one made of canvas will ensure that your transition from boy to man will be less awkward. Such a briefcase is a smart purchase for work, school or play although it is more suitable for casual work settings than say, the bank, for instance. It will definitely not look good with a three-piece suit but makes a great Friday bag.

Did we miss out any male accessory that you think is fashionable, functional and lends some style? Let us know!

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