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Go On, Pick Your Nose!

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Tis the season to get fancy with your cups!

By Penny K

With the festive season around the corner, you might be busy stocking up turkeys in preparation for elaborate dinner parties. Well, nothing says “What a great host” like the Pick Your Nose Party Cups!

Picked this nose!

Picked this nose!

Each package of Pick Your Nose Party Cups contains 12 different noses to pick from, mixing all ethnicities, sexes and combinations of facial hair. Using the Pick Your Nose Party Cups instead of regular ones aids in better identification of your drink so you don’t end up drinking someone else’s backwash!

Noses for picking

Noses for picking

Hypochondria aside, the Pick Your Nose range of cups are all the more pertinent in a time of deadly flu bugs. Get yours today and have your guests heap praises upon you for your keen sense of consideration and humour!

Pick Your Nose Party Cups are available here.

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