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From 404 to W0W

  • SumoMe

Brick walls are meant to be decorated, if not tastefully vandalised. Instead of going “OW, $%^&@!*!”, these furnished walls should make you take a second look and go “! Hey, look at that.” It’d both sound and look better if you pointed to a heavily embellished wall and said to your friends “I literally bumped into that!” Dull moments will be lesser and there’d be a lot more stuff to talk about too.

Take that piece of advice and plonk it on the internet. Don’t you feel frustrated when you hit a “404 Not Found” wall? Some companies do and they’ve taken the liberty to revamp these boring, mood dampening, white spaces into something more valuable. Originally from dzingblog, we’re sharing with you the creative inspiration of 54 customised error pages. Come on, bumping into walls is supposed to be fun.




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