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Food Lockdown

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Penny KFridge Locker

Living with others – family and friends – can be a trying time. It’s especially so when they start stealing your food then denying that they stole your food with the sides of their mouths nicely adorned with cookie crumbs. You issue a severe warning but they do it again.

The Fridge Locker will teach your thieving flatmates and family members a lesson they will never forget. This ingenious invention presents itself like a cage that comes with a metal combination lock and in here is where your food will be stored and kept safe.

The lock keeps out what the manufacturers term “Refrig-A Raiders”. The contraption measures 7.5” wide, 7.5” tall and 11” deep. It costs US$19.95. Rather costly if you’re using it to protect a $2 bag of chips but worth every cent for the priceless look on the faces of those who thieve.

Sometimes it’s just not enough knowing who stole the cookie from the cookie jar. Time to take action and put your food on lockdown!

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