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D-Barcode: Custom Coded

  • SumoMe

D-Barcode, a Japanese design firm, has been custom-making barcodes since 2005. The results (as seen below) reveal that D-Barcode is clearly not a fan of conformity.


But these things of creativity and beauty don’t come cheap. They got for $1,500 for a design, and $200 a year for licensing fees. A code for personal use can cost you up to $4,000. Being unique comes with a hefty price tag.

Would a product with an unconventional barcode make you want to buy it more or would it make you pick up the product, smile at the barcode and put it back down?

Images from D-Barcode.

Click here to visit D-Barcode’s website, though what’s the point if you can’t read Japanese? You’re better off taking time off that pressing report finding out more about Procrastination.

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