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Coming Soon: Brothers

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Natalie PortmanThat’s right, Spidey is back, well actually Tobey Maguire is, after quite a long hiatus and he’s racked up about 15 films, so it obviously doesn’t hurt that his father-in-law is the President of Universal Pictures. Mr. Smug’s latest film Brothers,  premiered in New York, just yesterday.

Also starring Natalie Portman and the newly buffed-up Jake Gyllenhaal, post Prince of Persia filming, Brothers is a film, which provides a contemporary take on the prodigal son parable.

Maguire plays Sam, a model citizen, Iraq war-hero and son of a Vietnam veteran while Portman plays his wife Grace Cahill. His brother Tommy, played by Gyllenhaal is a drunk and has recently been released from prison. After Sam goes missing and news of his suspected death has reached Grace, Tommy turns over a new leaf and inadvertently falls in love with her, while trying to take care of her and her children.

But Sam manages to return from the war and Grace is caught between the two. The film also touches on political apathy for war and the troubles faced by families of servicemen. Can you smell Oscar nomination?

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