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Clazziquai Project: 4.5th Mucho Beat

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Clazziquai Project

Remixes are a joy to listen to when the usual mainstream beats become bland. But to produce a good remix can be a tricky thing – it could either render a cold response from listeners or totally bring the original to another level. Thankfully though, there’s Clazziquai Project, an extraordinary band that’s well known for putting their musical minds together to create innovative remixes that complement their originals.

Clazziquai Project
Clazziquai Project

If you haven’t heard of them, where have you been all these years?! But fret not, for we at Penny bring the lost to the light. Winner of many awards with that knack for uniqueness and a distinctive Clazziquai sound, Clazziquai Project is Electronica meets Acid Jazz. This experimental band from South Korea, comprising of three Korean Canadians (DJ Clazzi, Horan and Alex) was making it big in the underground music scene even before the release of their first album, Instant Pig, in 2004. After the release of Mucho Punk in 2009, Clazziquai Project is now back with 4.5th Mucho Beat and we’ve got a teaser of the first single off this remix album –  핑 (Ping). So brilliant!

Track List

1-1 핑
1-2 Lalala
1-3 집착
1-4 Spinning The World (Voice Remix)
1-5 Tell Yourself (Daishi Dance Remix-English ver.)
1-6 초콜릿 트러플 (Unplugged ver.) chocolate truffle (Unplugged ver.)
1-7 Love Again (Ram Rider Remix)
1-8 Kiss Kiss Kiss (Yasutaka Nakata (Capsule) Remix)
1-9 집착 (4Step 4Ward Mix – Han (W))
1-10 Back In Time (Cloud Remix)
1-11 Flea (Jojal Remix -Audition Grandprix-)
1-12 The Road (Sugiurumn Remix)

Crawl around Clazziquai Project’s official website or at to see what’s going on!

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