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Packing isn’t always fun, but with some of these handy accessories, we’re pretty sure you’ll be packed, set and ready to go in no time.

An Article by Penny V

Travelling is always exciting but packing is not exactly the most fun thing in the world to do, especially when you’re already thinking of bringing half your closet along with you and your plane leaves in just 5 hours. To quell the panic and remain infinitely stylish, organising what you need and weeding out what you don’t will ease you into a bubble of serenity.

By the time you reach the airport, not only are you well-packed, you have everything ready at the get-go and you’re not madly scrabbling in your bag and having an unfortunately unglamorous moment of opening your luggage in the departure hall.

I happened to come across Ciao Bella Travel Accessories, which sells handy products and items that will help you remain organised and sort out everything from your jewellery to your undies. Travelling smart is just part of why some people still manage to look chic and not dishevelled because their clothes have wrinkled and their favourite necklace has managed to tangle itself into a riddle.

Here are some products from Ciao Bella that we thought might be handy:

1. Dress Up Your Passport & Keep it Safe!

Your passport: the all important gateway to all your international exploits. Why not dress it up with a snazzy passport cover and keep all the essentials together such as your boarding pass and itinerary so it’s at your finger tips with a handy travel wallet. Never again, will you have to scramble through your hand-carry for your passport that is buried at the very bottom of your bag.

Travel Wallet

Corban & Blair Ampersand Leather Travel Wallet in Red.

Anne Taintor

Anne Taintor Passport Cover

We pretty much love this fun Anne Taintor passport cover and this sleek Corban & Blair Ampersand Leather Travel Wallet in Red. Who says elegance can’t be quirky at the same time?

2. Hand-Carry Luggage

Pick out a good hand-carry luggage that has multiple compartments so you can easily find your mobile phone, mp3 player and the all important digital camera for candid shots. Remember to take note on how much you can bring on board with you but don’t attempt to bog yourself down with too many things either. If it’s a long-haul trip, heavy hand-carry’s doesn’t make the journey that much easier.

Fanciulla Roma Tote Bag Tribu Devon Bag

Fanciulla Roma Tote & Tribu Devon Cabin Bag

We do advise packing a spare set of clothes or a top, some toiletries, such as a good facial moisturiser because it’s so dry and some mouthwash. Extra hair ties, a comb and make-up are also some essential items so you can still look fabulous after a tiring flight. Remember to pack your toiletries in clear bags and that regulations stipulate that liquids have to be a 100ml or less with a maximum total volume of 1 litre for all your little lotions and potions.

Cobwebs Plane to See

Cobwebs Plane to See Zip Pouches

3. Other things we recommend in your Hand-Carry…

Get yourself a sleep pillow so you get that much needed rest and socks with non-slip soles so you can kick off your shoes and get around the aisles without the use of those nasty looking ones they hand you in-flight. Before your plane lands, you can also quickly freshen up with some body wipes.

Air Pillow

Annabel Trends Stripy Squidgy Travel Pillow

Aero Travel Socks
Annabel Trends Aero Socks


Girls2Go Hand & Body Refresher Wipes

1. In Your Luggage

Grab a roomy toiletry bag that has separate compartments, so that if one section happens to pop or spill, the rest of your items will still be a-okay. It also gets pretty convenient if it can be unfolded and hung vertically.

Apple & Bee

Apple & Bee Carry All Traveller

Don’t dump your jewellery into a ziplock bag or pouch because as we all know, if you leave necklaces together long enough, they’ll find a way to tangle around with your bangles and rings. So put them in a jewellery pouch that has added zips to compartmentalise and a clip to separate bangles and necklaces. You’ll be ready to go without the hassle of trying to take things apart and it comes in a glamorous pouch as well.

Annabel Trends

Annabel Trends Vintage Mesh Jewellery Pouch

Separate your shoes and worn clothes into separate travel bags. Especially handy is the Wash Me, Wear Me bag for your intimates!

Travel Bags

Executive Concepts Travel Shoe Bag & Executive Concepts Travel Laundry Bag

Underwear Pouch

Cobwebs Wash Me, Wear Me Bag

Remember to get a lock for your luggage and to easily spot it while it’s on the carousel, a cute tag to go along with it! Remember to pack a journal with you, so that you can note down attractions and your favourite places from your destination.


Corban & Blair Insignia Travel Journal


Cobwebs Luggage Tag

Have fun travelling, keep safe and bon voyage!

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