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USB flash drives are anything but bulky or ugly these days, in fact they look pretty damn good.

By Penny V

Soon enough CD’s will go the way of the floppy, do you remember the ones that are five and one-quarter inch and has that circular cut-out in the centre? If you don’t, then I can assure you, I’m feeling pretty old right about now. In any case, everything’s transferred via Bluetooth or stored online, but if you need easy portability USB flash drives are the way to go, besides external hard-drives. Besides, hard-drives aren’t as pretty as these puppies that are definite conversation starters! What’s a little fun to break up the monotony of work?

Mimobots Mimobots Mimobots

Mimobots has been creating character-based USB flash drives for a while now that range from Domo, Star Wars (Darth Vader even comes with interchangeable faces from looking like his usual Anakin-self to his unfortunate  pale and scarred end.) and even Happy Tree Friends. Yeah, we know you still watch those frighteningly violent clips! So now you can be staring back at them, while you’re saving a document at work.

Mixed Tape Flash Drive

Miss the sound of the plastic tape as it whirs around the spools when you press rewind? Well if you miss the cassette tape and how we often used it as a gift for our lovely other halves, you can get yourself a Mixed Tape USB flash drive to ride down nostalgia lane.

Babushka Doll USB Flash Drive

I have an affinity with Matryoshka Dolls  and come on, don’t they look adorable? Termed as a Babushka Doll, well because it doesn’t come apart into other teeny-tiny USB flash drives, a Babushka is a headscarf that Russian grandmothers used to protect themselves from the cold, by tying  under their chin.

Four-Eyes USB Flash Drive

One of the season’s hottest accessory, thick black-framed glasses aren’t just for looking great, you can now take that chic geeky look with you by storing files in it! Come on four-eyes, you’re looking FINE!

Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Mr. T, USB Flash Drive

Singing Eye of the Tiger to motivate yourself to get things moving along on a particularly bad day at work?  Get your mojo in focus with Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed and Mr. T doing sit-ups!

Transformer USB Flash Drive

You bet there’s more than Meets the Eye with this USB flash drive! It’s your own Robot in Disguise! You definitely can’t beat this thumbdrive.

Tulip USB Hub Lego Brick USB Hub

Well with all those cute USB ports, you’ll need some extra ports, so you can use them all, so you can pretty it up with tulips or feed your inner child with a lego brick that you can also stack!

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