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The Joy of Soy

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By Penny K

Like seaweed, soy is one of those foods that you can easily apply the one man’s meat is another man’s poison theory. While some find soy delectable, some just don’t have the stomach for it.soy_edamame

I personally dig soy beverages and foods. I only developed a love for dairy milk in my late teens so for years it was just soy and I. Soy is healthy, nutritious and relatively cheap. Just to illustrate how cheap it is in Singapore: you can get a cup of soymilk for 50 cents at the market or hawker centres.

Amongst others, soy can be made into oil, bean curd, and flour; it’s also a good substitute for meat and dairy products. And how can you possibly forget those green beans you munch on at sushi joints? Edamame is baby soybeans in the pod boiled in water together with salt for taste and served whole.

But there’s more to soy.

Now it must be said that I’m not paid by soybean food and beverage retailer Mr Bean to say the things I’m about to say but the company truly lives up to its mission of delivering “Life’s Simplest Pleasures”.

First and foremost, consumers get to reap the health benefits of soybean made products. Whether in the form of traditional soybean milk or soybean ice cream, they really do have something for everyone.

soybeanproductsIn addition, service staff is almost always friendly and helpful adding to the overall pleasant experience of obtaining soy food and drink. Ask them for less sugar, for an extra spoon, for an extra bag, anything, and it’s always service with a smile. Hell’s gatekeepers that guard luxury brand stores have a service lesson or two to learn from the aunties at Mr Bean.

Finally, everyday on my way back from work I’m greeted by a 17-year-old (or thereabouts) boy who gives out Mr Bean discount coupons. I suspect he’s mentally disabled but still, he’s always polite and he works hard.

If you know the right places to go for your soy fix, the joy it brings cannot be contained in a cup; it spills over leaving residual satisfaction in the form of service, smiles, and the comfort of knowing that employment (sometimes) is extended even to the mentally disabled.

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